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BACK TO SCHOOL: Clearwater County Schools

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In Clearwater County, a couple of new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in recent weeks, but under the Safe Learning Plan spreadsheets, Clearwater County has had a 0 case rate per 10,000 people for the last two reporting periods. That rate changed to 1.13 for the two-week period ending Aug. 15, in an update posted Thursday, Aug. 27.

As a result, schools in Clearwater County, such as Bagley and Clearbrook-Gonvick, plan to fully reopen for all grade levels.

Guidance from the state says students must wear masks or other face coverings while indoors, when feasible. Some exceptions are provided to those with disabilities. All districts were also required to provide a distance learning option for families that would prefer that model over in-person or hybrid learning.


The Flyers’ will return to school in-person on Sept. 8. Superintendent Erich Heise reported this morning that about a quarter of the student body opted in to distance learning to start off the school year.

Due to a lack of paraprofessional support staff, which is needed to provide special education services as required by the state of Minnesota, the Bagley School Board voted for elementary in-person classes and distance learning for high school students as of Tuesday, Sept. 1. Read more about the decision here.

The school board tabled their decision during their last meeting Monday, Aug. 17, with a final decision reached on Saturday, Aug. 22 during a special board meeting.


The Bears will also return to school in-person on Sept. 8. The district serves 450 K-12 students, and Superintendent Jeff Burgess says a handful of families opted-in for distance learning.

Superintendent Burgess also reported that students will be kept more separate than they would have been pre-COVID, but is also trying to make school as normal as possible.