Bemidji City Council meets for hours behind closed doors without the manager for his performance evaluation

The Bemidji City Council met in closed sessions for more than four hours in a special meeting Wednesday.

The topics were the annual and non-annual performance evaluations of the City Manager.

The council voted to postpone the annual review indefinitely on a 4-2 vote, then made the motions to close the session by a 5-1 vote for the non-annual performance evaluation scheduled in a regular meeting last week, intermittently pausing and reopening the meeting for breaks, including a lengthy recess behind closed doors before adjourning just after 10 p.m.

City Manager Nate Mathews was not in the closed session, but the council, City Attorney Katie Nolting and retained Flaherty & Hood attorney Brandon Fitzsimmons were.

No statement or summary was given at the end of the night.

This special meeting was fairly well attended, with several waiting in chambers and the lobby, with the number of attendants dwindling as the hours went on.


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