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Bemidji man expected to enter a plea for falsely reporting a crime Monday


A Bemidji man is expected to enter a plea next week for a bizarre crime from last spring.

Thirty-six-year-old Kevin Bannor is accused of falsely reporting that he had been assaulted, but the video evidence suggests Bannor was the one who fired shots into his FedEx work vehicle.

He is charged with first-degree property damage and falsely reporting a crime after a firearms offense charge was dropped last month.

Bannor was the subject of an ex parte order for protection, but since the ex parte order did not specify the prohibition of firearms, Beltrami Judge Jeannine Brand dismissed the gross misdemeanor offense.

Prosector Michael Mahlen wrote in a memo that Bannor’s false report consumed many hours of law enforcement resources who searched for spent casings with metal detectors before learning that the FedEx vehicles carry cameras.

Bannor’s plea hearing is scheduled for Monday.