“BemidjiWorks” job search portal launched as part of 218 Relocate

A new job search portal has been launched as part of Greater Bemidji’s 218 Relocate incentive program.

Since the 218 Relocate launch, Greater Bemidji is reporting a steady increase in interest, as well as some even moving to the area.

Through the portal, “BemidjiWorks,” newcomers will be able to look for jobs through a customizable “Indeed” search for Bemidji-specific employment within a 25-mile radius.

The Connect with a Company option on the 218 Relocate site highlights the 70+ investors in Greater Bemidji and allowing job seekers an authentic view of their business values, mission and a way to connect directly with their Human Resource professionals that are ready to help those looking for employment find the right fit in our community.

“We wanted to showcase our investors in a way that made it very relatable and tangible to pick up the phone and reach out to a very specific person at these companies to inquire about employment, submit a resume and just learn more about the opportunities that may arise in the future,” said Erin Echternach, Assistant Director at Greater Bemidji.

“The Connect with a Company option is something I’m proud we were able to build for our investor businesses that want to see the Bemidji area grow and thrive.”

Also in alignment with this initiative is the “Community Concierge Program,” with 60 community connectors ready to help guide newcomers into the right networks, as well as resources and opportunities.

“We have these amazing advocates of Bemidji with so many different networks and connections, it’s been fantastic to see how receptive people are in this community to helping others move here and stay here. 218 Relocate, Community Concierge, BemidjiWorks, they all have the intention of providing a very direct way to access resources, people and opportunities for anyone and everyone looking to call Bemidji home,” said Echternach.

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