Blackduck Mayor resigns over controversial Facebook meme

The Mayor of Blackduck has resigned.

Mayor Patch posted a controversial image on his Facebook page, which, according to some screen shots taken, showed a bloody vehicle with a caption that said “I don’t know what you mean by protestors on the freeway, I came through no problem”

Patch said in his resignation announcement that he did not find the image humorous, and that it was, “meant for the individual to recognize how bad it could be to drive through protestors.”

Patch continued to say “protests can, and do send a strong message,” and that he “would like for everyone to work together as a team.”

The Blackduck City Council was going to meet for an emergency meeting to discuss a social media post made by Patch, but the meeting was canceled when Patch submitted his resignation.

Patch was a Blackduck city official for eight years, according to his announcement.

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