Brief redistricting meeting reviews latest maps for Beltrami County

The Beltrami County Board of Commissioners held a brief meeting to discuss redistricting Tuesday afternoon, and are expected to vote on one map next week.

The ideal population for each district is about 9,000.

Commissioners Craig Gaasvig and Jim Lucachick spoke in favor of proposal #7 during the meeting, one of the newest maps drawn for these discussions.

This would split the city of Bemidji’s wards in three ways, shifting about 4,000 of the population and bring eight township and ward changes.

This proposal would also require four elections this year.

Commissioners Tim Sumner, Reed Olson, and Richard Anderson provided little comment during the meeting.

Olson previously voiced support for proposal 2.

This proposal would require all five elections this year, the city’s wards would be split two ways, 13 townships and wards would move districts and the population shift would be 12,400.

The commissioners’ vote on a map next week will be the day after the Bemidji City Council’s last reading of its new proposed ward boundaries.

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