Complaint details homicide in rural Bagley

A Bagley man is facing two murder charges and stands accused of fatally stabbing his neighbor.

According to information from the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy attempted to subdue 27-year-old Christopher Colgrove with a taser just before 53-year-old Dawn Swenson of Bagley was stabbed.

Christopher Colgrove, 27, Bagley. Photo courtesy of the Clearwater County Jail.

Swenson was given immediate first aid after the stabbing and transported to the Bagley hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Colgrove made his first appearance yesterday at the Clearwater County Courthouse, and is charged with murder in the second and third degrees.

According to the criminal complaint, Colgrove called dispatch to request an ambulance to his house on the 13100 block of 336th St. in Bagley.

Law enforcement officers were the first to arrive, from the Bagley Police Department and the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office.

When Officer Kenneth Olson found Colgrove, he fled.

Officer Olson found Colgrove on the 12900 block of 336th St. in Bagley and could hear a struggle inside.

Officer Olson used force to enter the residence, and witnessed Colgrove struggle with the victim. Olson deployed a Taser against Colgrove but it was unsuccessful.

According to the complaint, Olson then witnessed Colgrove stab the victim and saw her fall down the stairs. Colgrove then escaped, and Officer Olson rendered aid to the victim.

Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Larry Olson attended the autopsy of the victim. The pathologist said they observed two stab wounds, one in the back of the neck, and one on the left side of the back near the left arm.

The stab wound on the back was determined to have entered the heart, and the pathologist made the determination that both wounds were fatal by themselves, and either one by them would have likely caused the death of the victim.



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