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New dashboard shows levels of “forever chemicals” in drinking water

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 The Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recently unveiled a new PFAs dashboard, to allow users to see levels of these “forever chemicals” in their drinking water.

During a virtual press conference yesterday, state officials said the Environmental Protection Agency is moving ahead with regulations for PFOs, some of the most common and most studied per- and poly-fluoro-alkyl chemicals.

Health officials advise avoiding PFAs-contaminated water, especially for pregnant and nursing women and bottle-fed infants.

Studies indicate that long-term effects may include damage to internal organs such as the liver.

Of the 900 public water systems in the states, 401 have been tested.

Bemidji’s water, according to the dashboard, has no PFAs detected.

PFAs were once detected in the city’s wells, but a new water treatment plant has been in operation for over a year.

Phase 2 of that plant will add additional capacity.