E-Bike Rebate Site Crashes Immediately; Storms Affect Swaths Of Northern Minnesota; Mosquitoes Hatching In Big Numbers

>>State Website Crashes As Minnesotans Try To Get E-Bike Rebates

(St. Paul, MN)    Minnesota’s launch of the electric-assisted bike rebate application period is not going as well as planned.  The state’s online application website crashed this morning.  The Minnesota Department of Revenue released a statement apologizing for any inconvenience caused to potential applicants.    The state has earmarked two-million dollars for rebates this year and next year, offering residents a discount of up to 15-hundred dollars on qualifying e-bike purchases.  The state is now telling e-bike owners to sign-up for an email alert for updates on the application process. (24/7 News Source)

>>Cleanup Begins In Northern Minnesota

(Undated)    It will likely take days to clean up in northern Minnesota after this week’s thunderstorms. Communities across the Northland are busy dealing with the downed trees and power line that were damaged by Tuesday night’s storms. No one is guessing just how much damage there is, or how long it will take to get it all cleaned up. Local tree crews say it’s not the worst storm they’ve ever seen. But they say there’s plenty of damage to clear and clean up. (24/7 News Source)

>CDC Update Shows Residents Of Minnesota And Iowa Affected By Salmonella Outbreak

(Minnesota) — A recent CDC update revealed that five people in Minnesota and three people in Iowa have fallen ill from cucumbers sold by Fresh Start Produce Sale Inc. The affected cucumbers were sold in 14 states between May 17 and 21, not including Iowa and Minnesota. The outbreak has resulted in 162 cases across 25 states, with 54 hospitalizations reported but no fatalities. The symptoms of the illness can appear within six hours to six days of the consumption, with most individuals recovering in a week without medical intervention. (24/7 News Source)

>>Mosquito Population Increases Due To High Rain Totals In Minnesota

(Undated) — Minnesota sees a rise in mosquitoes due to frequent rain. The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District monitors mosquito totals every Monday from mid-May through September. Data shows that according to the rainfall totals, May was the wettest month in the past ten years. The continuous rainfall is causing more mosquito eggs to hatch. The mosquito season is expected to remain busy as rain continues to hit Minnesota.(24/7 News Source)

>>Minnesota Opens Pre-Approved Pot License Applications

(St. Paul, MN)    Some of the people who want to get into the marijuana business in Minnesota can now apply for their state license. The state yesterday opened-up the application period for pre-approval licenses. Those are the licenses that go to veterans, people convicted of pot possession in the past, and other social equity applicants. Lawmakers created the special licenses to give those people a head start in Minnesota’s newly legal marijuana sales. Everyone else will have to wait til next year to apply for a marijuana license. (24/7 News Source)

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