Sun, Grills, Campfires & Fireworks: Sanford Emergency Chief Has Safety Advice (AUDIO)

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Dr. Joseph Corser, Emergency Services Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota

The 4th of July Holiday weekend pretty much centers everyone in summer mode. Its traditions of grilling, campfires and fireworks brings many a trip to the emergency room. Add to that this year’s 90 plus degree weather with nary a cloud to diffuse the sun’s rays, and sunburn will be a common occurrence.

To avoid that lobster look, keep all your appendages and stay burn free, there are a number of easy safety steps to take, according to Dr. Joseph Corser, the Head of Emergency Services at Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota. Corser noted that it’s particularly important to make sure kids are loaded up with sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 because sunburns at a young age increases the chances of skin cancer later in life.

Corser also said that it’s imperative to reapply sunscreen after being in the water, regardless of claims made by the company.

With fireworks, grills and campfires (and perhaps some adult beverages thrown in), there are a myriad of ways a person could be burned this time of year. Dr. Corser talked with BemidjiNow’s Kev Jackson about ways to avoid burns, and if you are burned, how to treat them and when to seek help. Listen to the interview HERE: