Timber harvest near Highway 71 and Glidden Road

Travelers should be aware of logging trucks and equipment as logging will soon begin on the southeast side of Glidden Road and U.S. Highway 71 north of Bemidji.

According to a release, a local logger will harvest a 96-acre red pine plantation in early September, as the timber on this site was sold at a public auction by the DNR in 2017.

“Timber from the harvest will provide local economic benefits to the logger, local trucking companies and area mills. Most of the wood will be used for things like building materials, pulpwood and larger dimension lumber,” said Joe Rucinski, DNR Bemidji area forest supervisor.

The site was planted 75 years ago with the purpose of providing future timber products and revenue to the School Trust Fund, according to a release.

The DNR is responsible for managing School Trust Lands for maximum, long-term economic return under sound natural resource and conservation practices. Revenue generated from School Trust Lands is credited to the permanent school fund, which is managed by the State Board of Investment. These funds support schools throughout the state. In 2019, the Bemidji Public School District received $211,010 from the permanent school fund.

The harvest site will appear mostly open for a couple of years, dotted with tree clusters purposefully left unharvested along wetlands and streams. Following the harvest, the DNR will reforest the site.

In the next decade, a young, ecologically valuable forest containing a variety of tree and shrub species will appear. The site will grow into a healthy, multi-species forest that supports numerous wildlife and bird species. Periodic thinning will ensure the stand continues to provide both wildlife habitat and wood products for the benefit of the School Trust.

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