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Beltrami County Public Health will present an update on the coronavirus

County Board

The Beltrami County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to discuss numerous items during their work session tomorrow, Tuesday, March 3.

The first item on the public portion of the meeting, according to county packets, will be an informational presentation on foster care rates.

According to the memo, foster care rates have an impact in the budget. The Minnesota Department of Human Services defines the process for determining foster care payment rates, clothing allowances and supplemental rates for children in foster care.

After that discussion, the board is scheduled to hear from Public Health official Cynthia Borgen, who will present an update on COVID-19, known as the novel coronavirus 19. The board will tentatively discuss healthcare and a public health response.

The board will also discuss an update to the Buffer Law, enacted by the Dayton administration, and review the 2019 tax-forfeited land proceeds.

In the regular meeting, the board is scheduled to discuss a few labor items on the agenda.

The meeting is mandated to end before 6 p.m., to allow ample time for participants to get to the polls for the presidential nomination primary.