Fire Marshal urging Minnesotans to use fireworks safely

With Independence Day celebrations right around the corner, the State Fire Marshal is reminding Minnesotans to take precautions with fireworks to prevent injuries and loss of property.

Each year, Minnesota hospitals send reports of people injured by fireworks.

In 2022, one teenager died and 11 people were treated for injuries from fireworks.

The Department of Public Safety acknowledges a substantial decrease in hospital reports since 2020 due to some changes in the reporting process.

Ninety-six fireworks incidents caused more than $760,000 in damages last year, including a Byron fire that destroyed $425,000 worth of property.

In Minnesota, fireworks that explode or shoot into the air are illegal for use by the general public, and legal fireworks can also be risky if used improperly.

More than 30 percent of fireworks injuries are from sparklers, which burn at temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Fireworks can be a lot of fun, but only if you remember they are also dangerous and take steps to keep your loved ones and property safe,” said interim State Fire Marshal Amanda Swenson.

“A sparkler can burn at 1,200 degrees. Think about that next time before you hand one to a kid.”

If you are using fireworks, keep a bucket of water or garden hose handy. Extinguish and dispose of spent fireworks in the bucket and never try to relight a dud. Instead, soak it in water and dispose of it.

Always point fireworks away from people and animals. Use them away from trees and houses and don’t use fireworks while intoxicated.

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