Grossell chief author of six bills

The Minnesota Legislature has been in session for about a month, and area representatives are putting their names on a number of bills, as committee deadlines were announced yesterday.

Representative Matt Grossell (R-Clearbrook) is chief author of six bills.

Four of the bills relate to the sentences of sex offenders. One of these focuses on stays of adjudication as departures from the sentencing guidelines for sex crimes.

Stays of adjudication are considered one of the most favorable sentences in Minnesota, and generally include probation, and no criminal record as long as conditions of probation are met.

Sex crimes range from kidnapping and rape to indecent exposure and prostitution.

The two other bills chiefly authored by Grossell relate to public safety. One would enhance the criminal penalties for those who assault firefighters and health care workers and the other would prohibit local government from disarming police officers in good standing.

Grossell was added as a co-author on the Stand Your Ground bill Representative Matt Bliss (R-Pennington) helped introduce last week.

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