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Hubbard County Sheriff releases statement on Line 3 protest last week

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Hubbard County Sheriff Corey Aukes released a statement on the Line 3 protest last week near Park Rapids.

According to Aukes, officers arrived last Wednesday morning in response to a trespassing complaint at Enbridge property. Upon arrival, there were about 20 people inside the fence, some appearing to tamper with heavy equipment and others holding flags and banners.

All but two complied with the command to vacate the property, with these two people chained to a piece of heavy equipment and refusing to leave. The two were ultimately freed from the equipment by use of cutting tools and placed under arrest.

They were identified as 24-year-old Mira Grinsfelder of Minneapolis and 20-year-old Elizabeth Foy of St. Paul. The rest of the group remained in the area and were standing in the middle of the public roadway.

A 27-year-old New Mexico man was cited with public nuisance, and a 24-year-old Minneapolis man was arrested and charged with public nuisance and unlawful assembly. The rest of the group then left the area.