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Low Cost Insulin Settlement: Safety Violations Unresolved At Lutsen; MN Supreme Court Explains Ballot Decision

Minnesota AG Ellison Announces Low Cost Insulin

(St. Paul, MN)    Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison today announced that residents will be able to purchase life-saving insulin for just 35-dollars-per-month for the next five years.  It’s part of a settlement with drug manufacturer  Elli Lilly, which has also agreed to provide insulin supplies free of charge for 15 clinics that serve low-income patients.  In announcing the agreement, Ellison said that the  “landmark settlement ensures that insulin will be affordable and accessible to every Minnesotan who needs it.”

>>Fire Marshal Says Lutsen Lodge Had Three Unresolved Violations Before Fire

(Lutsen, MN)    Minnesota authorities say the Lutsen Lodge had three unresolved safety inspection issues when a fire destroyed the building earlier this week.  An inspector from the State Fire Marshal’s Office visited the lodge in July and found seven violations.  A report from the   Minnesota Department of Public Safety said four of the violations were immediately repaired  The remaining violations included a lack of up-to-date inspection reports for the building’s sprinkler and fire alarm systems.  State officials say it’s too early to tell if any of the unresolved issues played a role in Tuesday’s fire. Meanwhile, according to the Star Tribune, the  Lodge owner answered allegations yesterday that he had recently been unable to meet financial obligations tied to the property. Bryce Campbell acknowledged that he has amassed considerable debt to local property owners over rental management recently, and there have been lawsuits to recover the debt. Campbell notes that he has invested up to 5 million dollars in recent upgrades to the lodge, and social media allegations suggesting wrongdoing are heartbreaking.

>>MN Supreme Court Gives Detailed Opinion In Trump Ballot Case

(St. Paul, MN)    The Minnesota Supreme Court is giving more details about its ruling that former President Donald Trump can remain on the state’s primary ballot.  The November ruling dismissed a lawsuit that sought to keep Trump off the ballot based on a section of the Constitution that makes candidates ineligible if they have supported an insurrection.  The justices agreed that there is no Minnesota law to keep an ineligible candidate from being on the primary ballot if their party allows them to be there.  It also said the ruling could be revisited ahead of the general election if Trump is the Republican Party nominee.

>>DFL Wants MN Supreme Court To Strip Legal Marijuana Now Of Major Party Status

(St. Paul, MN)    A major Minnesota political party wants the state Supreme Court to reduce the status of one of its rivals.  The DFL Party filed a petition with the court this week seeking to decertify the Legal Marijuana Now Party.  The DFL says Legal Marijuana Now failed to do enough organizing and field enough candidates to meet the legal requirement to remain a major party.  Legal Marijuana Now has been a major party since 2018.

>>Klobuchar, Smith Announce Partnership Between USDA, State Ag Dept.

(Washington, DC)    Minnesota’s two U.S. senators are announcing a partnership between the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the state’s agriculture department.  Senators Tina Smith and Amy Klobuchar announced yesterday that funding from the American Rescue Plan Act will enable the partnership for the next four years.  The senators say the effort will help create more business opportunities for small Minnesota farms while getting more locally-grown food into state grocery stores.